Friends of
Clifty Falls State Park

 About Us - The Friends of Clifty Falls State Park is a non-profit group that supports Clifty Falls State Park. Our mission is to foster community stewardship of the park through conservation, preservation, and interpretation of its unique natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. We help the park and its staff by volunteering on various projects and raising money to help fund projects and special events. 

Be a Friend - You can join us with yearly or lifetime membership contributions, a general donation, a donation for specific projects, or just by getting involved in some of the park’s activities. 

Activities & Events – You’ll find us volunteering at the Nature Center, pulling invasive weeds and picking up trash, and working with other groups that volunteer at the park. Always something to do.

About the Park – In every season of the year from the spring wildflower blooms and rain-filled waterfalls, through the summer greenery and lush trails, through the fall colors of leaves and wildflowers with late year bursts of rain, and through the leafless winter of awesome views across the snow-covered canyon revealing the geological face of the park, Clifty is a place to enjoy. The section describes some major features of the park and also provides links to more detailed information about Brough's Folly, the trails, the Falls, the old trestle bridges, and the various memorials in the park.

Contact Us/Links – Our e-mail is You can tell us about your experiences in Park or ask about our work or how you can help. We also provide contact information about the Indiana State Park system and other local outdoor places and events.