About Us


Who Are We?

The Friends of Clifty Falls State Park supports Clifty Falls State Park. We began meeting and getting organized and elected our first officers in 2021. We became an official non-profit "501(c)(3)" in September 2021.


We are operate for the benefit of Clifty Falls State Park and its patrons. We:

See the "Activities and Events" page for meeting information the "Be A Friend" page for how to join.


Current Board Members

2022-2024 (elected March 2022)

Pat Cleveland  (last yr of last term) - At-large member

Joe Arruda (last year of first term) - Vice-chairperson

Cathy Cleveland (last year of first term) - Secretary 

Suzanne Arruda (last year of first term) - At-large member

2023-2025 (elected March 2023)

Kenton Mahoney (first yr of 2nd term) - Chairperson

Bill Rason  (first yr of 2nd term) - Treasurer

Jean Peddie (first yr of 1st term) - At-large member

note: the by-laws specify that (1) the term of a Board member is two years and that two terms may be served and (2) the Board elects its officers


What Do We Do?

The “little” every-day things”: assisting the Park Naturalist at the Nature Center greeting visitors, helping prepare or conduct programs, serving as “cabooses” on some hikes. We join others from Madison and outlying communities that show up for trash pickups or snatching up invasive weeds. Some of us participate as "Friends" and some are also official "volunteers".


We work with the Park staff to identify significant projects for which we can make a difference. At this time, we are working on a project concerning new playground equipment at the Campgrounds.

View the images below and then go to our Activities and Events page for more information.

Support of Invasive Species Removal by Madison Consolidated High School Students

This was a big invasive species control project with the help of MCHS students and staff! Friends members helped the large number of students in cutting, pulling, and tugging. They worked the area between the Nature Center and the Inn annex. It looks so much better after at least 6 truckloads of plant debris (and 5 tires) were removed by the great Park staff. Thanks to the MCHS staff and students for their great work.